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Oh my god. Oh my god. Frank Miller rocks the world. I now see why one of my friends thinks he needs to take over Hollywood. The world would be better if at least a few more movies were written by him, or adapted from things he's written. The man has style up the wazoo.

In case what I am ranting about is not clear from the subject line of the post, I am talking about


possibly the best movie I have seen come out so far this year. It is awesome, it is amazing, it has some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. Beautiful and amazing and surreal. Basically, it is an adapatation of a Frank Miller comic (also called 300), which tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a small band of Spartans fought against a vastly larger army of Persians, so large that it was reputed to have been numbered in the millions. It may not be strictly historically accurate, but with a film like this THAT'S NOT THE POINT! The point is whether you tell a good story that has some kind of good meaning to it. You may not always agree with the Spartans, but you sure as hell can't deny that they had to have been some of the biggest badasses of their day, if not of all time.

As far as modern film goes, it makes for quite a story. While the almost cartoonish violence (a la Black Lagoon!) gives one pause, it should not be immediately dismissed because of it, as many of the (IMO extremely lame) reviewers have been doing. Instead, it's something that can prompt discussion. What makes a war worth fighting? Should there be universal military service? What makes a country great? Is it better to bend the knee, or is it better to die standing up?

Anyway, back to the positive side of this rant, IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME! WATCH IT! WATCH IT NOOOOOOOW! *sigh* it won't be coming out outside the U.S. for a few weeks though... sad... still, WATCH IT! IT IS AWESOME AND MADE OF FREAKIN' WIN!

And of course, you have an excuse to shout "WEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAARE SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs once in a while. Or, if you're feeling less exuberant or just don't want to be stared at like a maniac, just "SPARTA!" will do. XD

Seriously, it's awesome. Have fun!