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Wondering and contemplating

Well, here's another installment of Michael Epton Thinking About College. Specifically, the possibility of doing the Japanese major at Western.

Yes, the Japanese MAJOR at Western. It really exists, people.

Doing it would mean I would spend another four years at Western. I think that's probably too much. I could do five, or part of five. But six is really, really pushing it. This sucks, because I could have done it in five if I had been able to take Japanese this last year, but that's water under the bridge. At the very least I'm going to study Japanese. I've wanted to for years now, and this time I should have no reason not to.

So, thoughts on that? Japanese major, yes, no? Hmm. I wonder if it'd be possible to do some kind of intensive language acquisition thing next summer and finish one years worth of Japanese in three months...

Aside from that, I am about to declare a major. Current favorites are East Asian Studies and Linguistics. History is a maybe, because Japanese does not fit directly into it. The real darkhorse right now is Engineering, which if I ever do it will be a graduate subject. Thoughts on that? I know I've bothered some of you with this ranting before, but I want to hear your thoughts, so post please!

PAX post to come.