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Just... freaky. Rant.

I was at Barnes and Noble earlier today and noticed a series that I had heard a little about, Death Note. I was familiar with the basic premise, but had not actually read it, so I picked it up. I flew through it, and picked up the second volume. Then the third. I was nearly done with that by the time the store closed.

The story is just... freaky. It is frightening. I usually don't like horror and mysteries and psychological dramas, but this one draws you in like nothing else. The main character is this smug, smarmy, top-of-the-line Japanese high school student who suddenly finds himself with the power to kill anybody, by any means, just by writing his or her name in a book and by visualizing that person's face. He then proceeds to attempt to rid Japan (and eventually the world) of criminals. Things get complicated when Interpol becomes involved, and brings in a latter-day Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes known as L to investigate. The psychological tension as the two hunt each other is palpable, like watching two grand masters play chess, except Light is playing with people's lives and is fully willing to kill anybody to protect himself.

Yeah. He's a lousy little shit who murders people. If it comes right down to it, that's what he's doing, IMO. He is a conniving, manipulative little sonofabitch with little to no regard for human life. In other words, he is pretty much a sociopath.

And yet he's not entirely a sociopath, nor can he simply be dismissed as such. His initial motives -- to rid the world of evil -- are not entirely wrong. However, he has obviously never read or heard of Nietzsche. "Those who would strive with monsters must look that they do not become monsters themselves. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you." A useful lesson to be remembered. Dragonslayers have a curious tendency to wind up as dragons for somebody else, and one man's hero is another man's killer.

I'm just ranting now. To put it simply, the plot disturbed me. Regardless of the fact that it is just a manga. However, that is probably a mark of the manga's quality, that it has that power to affect someone that much. It is quite thought provoking. I wonder if the issues it brings up are discussed at all on park benches and in train cars by students who read it.

Although I'm also pissed that another cool female character got killed off. Damn them for that anyway! WHYYYYY? Why is it the cool ones who die?!