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Grinning Revi!  ^_^

[Geek] Well, I finally went and did it...

I decided to do possibly the craziest, weirdest, funnest thing in my life so far:

I decided to crossplay this lovely lady at some point in the near future: Collapse )Yep, I decided to crossplay Revi. I am such a fanboy. Yes, I am obsessed, thank you very much. I will join the ranks of the male crossplayers, also known as men who dress up as anime women. Fun.

This hasn't entirely been an easy decision because, although I am definitely a Revi fan, I was a bit leery about the idea of crossplaying at first. This is in part because I would not want to do it unless I was able to do it well (I have had bad crossplay experiences in the past... well, more like ONE bad experience, and the rest I either didn't notice or thought were fun!). That and some lingering socialization against men dressing up as women, which is more or less nonsense anyway. The reason I'm doing it myself is that I really am into the Black Lagoon fandom and at first wanted one of my female friends to cosplay Revi. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I was the one who really wanted to do it (although hopefully others will cosplay her too!), and since I was the one who really wanted to do it, then why shouldn't I?

SO! I have left my inhibitions behind me and am dedicating myself to crossplaying Revi in addition to doing a cosplay of Rock. It will not be easy, but what good things are? Hmm, let's see. I need to build up uber stomach muscles... I need to buy the costume pieces, including her pistols... I need to buy fake boobs... I need to find some way to give myself womanly hips...

And I should probably do something about my hairy legs, XD

Phew. That is all. I don't know where I'll premier this, whether it'll be at Anime Expo in Vancouver or Sakuracon next year... it depends on how much I get done, but it will definitely be appearing at Sakuracon 2007.