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Berserk Fandom -- they totally went there...

Wyrren, this is a shout out to you because you're such a Berserk fan, in case you hadn't heard of it. Currently available on Youtube is "Berserk: The Abridged Series."

I repeat: "Berserk: The Abridged Series."

I honestly didn't think these abridged series would take off like this, but I'm pleased to see that they have. The fact that someone did it for Berserk is awesome. It's fun seeing the method that brought us Mockery of a Children's Card Game (Yugioh Abridged) translated into the anime that we both love so well. It's a kick, I promise you. ^_^

What I would like to do with this... I think I'll do a Berserk Abridged quotes post in a few weeks, so everyone here who cares about it can watch the series first. Maybe.

Clicky the linky for the first episode of the Abridged series. You should be able to watch the rest of it from there, if not just search Youtube for "berserk abridged series" or some variation thereof. :D

"I'm a Zack Cosplayer!~" (couldn't resist)
Grinning Revi!  ^_^

Now THAT was a shopping spree!

*Ahem. Congratulations to you, for you have just advanced a level in Anime-Geek and are well on your way to leveling up again.*

Whew! What a day. I went out to Anime Kingdom in Bellevue today. It was a long trip but totally worth it. Let's just say I kinda splurged. It's been a while since I've been in a manga/anime goods store, esp. one as well stocked and with as nice staff as Anime Kingdom. The people there are such that you want to spend money there. There's only one other comic shop like that that I know of, and that's The Dreaming in the U. District (although The Dreaming doesn't have nearly as much anime/manga stuff, though it has some...). They're both good stores worth visiting if you're ever in the neighborhood.

New stuff:

~~Volume 4 (randomly) of Battle Vixens, better known by the title of its anime counterpart Ikkitousen; ~~Volume 1 of Berserk; FREAKY; not for the faint-hearted, but gives interesting ideas for D&D games;
~~Volumes 1-2 of Boys Be; didn't think I'd like this one, but I kinda do, in spite of myself; nice, cute, fluffy romance series focussing on a bunch of different characters, as told from the guy's POV;
~~Limited Edition Box Set of FLCL with Vol. 3 included;
~~Complete Box Set of Gall Force;
~~Chun-li model I bought for ridiculously cheap; GORGEOUS;

So, um, yeah. FANDOM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

w00t! I ownz0r teh 4N1M3. Well, not entirely. Now, I must go to sleep. Yes, even anime-geeks sleep.