marusaia (marusaia) wrote,

and now for the bigger thing that happens in November...

SO! Who all's doing Nanowrimo this year? *looks out into the crowd hopefully*

You don't have to be doing it at full tilt, goodness knows I'm not. But at the very least, all us writing buddies ought to get back into the old novel writing mode. It's been far too long since we were all working on something, together, with the singleness of purpose that we felt in the past. No excuses now. I know I've been a less than stellar example/participant/fellow writer in the past, but those days are gone. Let's get out and DO THIS THING!

And to all of you who are new to Nanowrimo? Best of luck, go get it! YOU CAN DO IT!

*goes back to working on his own novel that he should really be working more on than he is, heheh*

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