marusaia (marusaia) wrote,

Black Lagoon - insert incomprehensible fanboyish sputtering here


Black Lagoon novel! Black Lagoon third season! Black Lagoon scanlations!

Why haven't I been paying closer attention to this fandom? Why? I love it so!

Realistically, the novel may not be as good as I'd hope it to be; the English translation, if we ever get it, will almost certainly be no great shakes. Even the Twelve Kingdoms English novel was a little bit iffy in spots, even if over all it was spot on. On the other hand this is an excellent incentive to improve my Japanese...

And the idea of a third season of Black Lagoon just warms my fanboy heart. Warms it, I tell ya!~

A public service announcement: a large amount of Black Lagoon manga is found in scanlated form at, if anybody didn't know already.

I love this stuff so much. XD

DAMN IT! I could have bought that novel while I was in Japaaaaaaan XDDD

Oh well, Kinokuniya might have it. They have the Black Lagoon manga in Japanese, why not the novel? And otherwise there's always the internet...

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